June 8, 2020

Addressing the Plastic Waste Challenge

Did you know? Companies from the food and beverage industries are most likely to face allegations of poor plastic waste management, as evidenced by ISS ESG research. With increasing regulation, such as bans on single-use plastic products, and shifting consumer demands, companies in the plastics value chain face increased market and regulatory risks.

In a new episode of the ‘Foreword’ video series, ISS ESG Analyst Ronja Wöstheinrich presents possible approaches toward assessing corporate preparedness for the transformation of the plastics economy, including ISS ESG’s Beyond Plastic Waste Index in partnership with Solactive.


Foreword, ISS ESG’s video series, is designed with one goal in mind: to deliver a precise and succinct view and forecast on all things ESG across the globe. Each episode features experts with deep and long-standing expertise in covering issues of import to those within the ESG industry. Corporate and investment professionals will find the series particularly helpful as our experts discuss ways and means of achieving a greener and more sustainable portfolio while highlighting resources and tools designed to meet challenges faced by ESG practitioners. The Foreword series is also directed at those seeking to stay abreast of the latest global trends and developments in the area of responsible investment, sustainability, impact investing, CSR reporting, ESG disclosures, and more.

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