March 3, 2020

ESG Insights Report Details Key Responsible Investment Topics

A new ESG Insights report by Björn De Smedt, Duncan Paterson, Emily Faithful, Erin Levey and Justine Muller outlines several key issues that are expected to take centre stage in the world of responsible investment in Australia and New Zealand this year.

Climate change and its concomitant risks will continue to dominate the discourse. Continued strong action from the finance community is expected to play an integral role in shaping a sustainable future for investment. The unsustainable nature of global plastic supply chains is also of increasing importance to investors; the near absence of a circular economy for plastics must be addressed given the broad and significant environmental and social implications of plastic waste. Beyond environmental topics, the issue of live animal export is expected to return to the stage this year, as a growing number of Australians are concerned with animal welfare.

ISS ESG is pleased to present a discussion of each of these topics in this year’s Responsible Investment Agenda.

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