March 3, 2020

ISS ESG Paper Identifies Corporate Controversies that Dominated the News

The vast majority of news about corporate failures to manage ESG risks during 2019 related to social issues with, most notably, the opioid crisis denting the reputation of pharmaceutical companies, a new ISS ESG report finds.  The January 30, 2020, report, “Corporate Controversies That Defined 2019,” written by ISS ESG’s Fernando Sanchez Minaur and Damien Fruchart, also finds that companies comprising the digital economy faced a considerable proportion of controversies and negative headlines while noting that legislation was introduced in multiple countries during 2019 seeking to regulate the internet service sector, notably in the area of tax reform, privacy, the gig economy, hate speech, and disinformation.

ISS ESG captures news of corporate controversies via 4,400 media and 200 stakeholder sources to support its Norm-Based Research into the conduct of over 16,000 publicly listed companies in major global indices. The report aims to review the trove of controversial news from 2019, and the Norm-Based Research analysis to provide investors with an understanding of ESG trends for the year.

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