July 16, 2020

Three Additional ISS ESG Datasets Now Available on Open:FactSet and FactSet Workstation

ISS ESG is proud to announce its Carbon & Climate Impact Datafeed solution is now available on Open:FactSet, which enables investors to seamlessly link ISS and FactSet data to their models, systems, and proprietary datasets, freeing teams to analyze the data and generate ideas.​

Further, its ESG Corporate Rating and SDG Solutions Assessment datasets are now available on FactSet workstation, which offers connected content and analytical tools to enable a seamless workflow from portfolio construction and analysis all the way to risk and reporting.

Carbon & Climate Impact Datafeed Solution Available on Open:FactSet

The climate datasets include: Climate Core (GHG emissions), Climate Impact (physical & transitional risks), Climate Scenario Alignment, Potential Avoided Emissions, Carbon Risk Rating, and Energy & Extractives involvement data. ​

The Climate Core dataset allows firms to assess the Scope 1&2 and Scope 3 emissions for up to 29,000 listed companies and issuers of corporate debt, based on a comprehensive methodology. This feed is available dating back to 2014, allowing users to back-test their models and identify historical trends.​

For more information on ISS ESG’s comprehensive collection of carbon and climate impact data, now available on Open:FactSet, visit: https://open.factset.com/products/iss-esg-carbon-and-climate-impact-data/en-us  

ESG Corporate Rating and SDG Solutions Assessment Datasets Available on FactSet

Historical ESG Corporate Rating scores are available quarterly from March 2006 to June 2019, and daily historical scores for 260+ factors are available from June 2019 onward for a universe of up to 9,000 public and private companies, including subsidiaries.

SDG Solutions Assessment data is available dating back to 2017 and includes 285 factors, enabling investors to assess the positive or negative impact that a company’s product and service portfolio has towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For more information on the ESG Corporate Rating, visit: https://www.issgovernance.com/esg/ratings/corporate-rating/

For more information on the SDG Solutions Assessments, visit: https://www.issgovernance.com/esg/impact-un-sdg/sustainability-solutions-assessment/

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