“The report finds that firms offering zero-commission trading grew their share of accounts from 18.9 percent at the end of Q3 2021 to 22 percent in June 2022 as the model gained traction and attracted thousands of new investors interested in the benefits of free trading.”

December 21, 2022

Zero-commission Trading Reshaping Canadian Online/Discount Brokerage Landscape

TORONTO (December 21, 2022) – ISS Market Intelligence (ISS MI), a unit of Institutional Shareholder Services providing critical data and insights to global asset managers, insurance companies, and distributors to help them make informed and strategic decisions to manage and grow their business, today announced the release of its special research feature on zero-commission trading in the Canadian online/discount brokerage channel, as published in its Investor Economics Retail Brokerage Distribution report for Q3 2022.

The report finds that firms offering zero-commission trading grew their share of accounts from 18.9 percent at the end of Q3 2021 to 22 percent in June 2022 as the model gained traction and attracted thousands of new investors interested in the benefits of free trading. 

Limited zero-commission trading approaches in the Canadian online/discount brokerage channel can be traced as far back as 2013 with Questrade’s commission-free ETF trading offer. The official arrival of a full-scale freemium model occurred in 2018 with the launch of Wealthsimple’s zero-commission trading platform. The shift to zero-commission trading was later adopted by a number of online/discount brokerage firms in 2021 including by National Bank, Desjardins, and newcomer Mogo.

The new ISS MI report examines the firms that have adopted this model and its impact on revenue, account openings, trade volumes and assets. The feature addresses key questions about zero-commission trading and poses further questions that industry executives must ponder as they evaluate their pricing strategy.

“While the zero-commission model has the potential to attract a number of new investor cohorts, Canadian online/discount brokerage firms must carefully weigh the offer against the impact of the loss of trading revenue,” said Vince Linsley, Toronto-based Associate Director at ISS Market Intelligence. “This is particularly noteworthy as they lack the ability to leverage some of the non-trading revenue lines of their U.S. counterparts (such as payment for order flow), or the ability to build subscription or alternative revenue sources.”

The report also finds that 54 percent of client accounts at firms with a zero-commission trading are held by investors under 35, suggesting that the concept has struck a chord with a younger generation. The report includes newly collected age segmentation data detailing the types of investors that have been attracted to firms offering zero-commission trading, as well as changes in the overall share of online/discount brokerage accounts of dealers within the channel.

Learn more about the Retail Brokerage Distribution report here.


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