March 15, 2021

Net Sales in the UK Retail Fund Industry Doubled to £6 Billion in Q4 2020 from Previous Quarter

ISS Market Intelligence, a unit of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), today released its quarterly, UK Retail Funds Insight Report. The report provides unique, data-led market intelligence for the UK retail funds market. The report is published quarterly using ISS Market Intelligence market-leading data combined with expert industry analysis to provide a comprehensive view of the UK funds industry growth trajectory.

“Net sales in the UK retail fund industry were £6 billion in Q4 2020, which contributed to annual net sales for 2020 of £8.5 billion. Despite the extraordinary events of 2020, UK retail fund assets under management grew by 5% in 2020 to £841 billion – this was, however, a significant reduction in the growth rate compared to previous years” – Q4 2020 UK Retail Funds Insight Report.

Key Insights from Q4 2020 Report:

  • Net sales totalled £6 billion in Q4 2020 — £3 billion higher than in Q3 2020 and £2.6 billion higher than in Q4 2019.
  • Net sales through the Adviser sales channel were £2.6 billion in Q4 2020. Global Equity was the best-selling Investment Association sector for financial advisers, but mixed asset was the best-selling asset class.
  • Investors using D2C platforms allocated £2.3 billion to equity funds in Q4 2020; the top three best-selling sectors were all equity focused.
  • The suspension of direct property funds in 2020 has not dimmed investors views of the property sector. Retail investors continued to allocate to property securities funds due to their liquidity advantage over direct property funds.
  • Advisers and wealth managers made their highest-ever quarterly allocation to ETFs in Q3 2020, and this trend continued in Q4 with positive net sales from all sales channels.

Purchase of this report includes access to the full report each quarter, a quarterly webinar, exhibit data package, our extensive commitment to client service and client briefings upon request.

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