July 21, 2023

Resilience, thy fund name is ESG

Resilience, Thy Fund Name is ESG

In the spirit of not wanting to waste a good crisis, in this latest insight we investigated ISS MI’s European fund flow data in search of clues as to how flows into Article 8 and 9 funds responded in a volatile environment. In doing so, one realization emerged – ESG integration could just be the secret to building a resilient fund business.

Listen to this on-demand recording as we share 10 valuable insights and encourage a rethinking on how ESG integration can build resilience into your fund flows.

This research was first premiered at the IMpower FundForum in Monaco June 2023 by Benjamin Reed-Hurwitz.

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Commentary by ISS Market Intelligence

By: Benjamin Reed-Hurwitz, Vice President, EMEA Research Leader, ISS Market Intelligence

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